Xanto biotech dabbles in virtual tokens on Blockchain backed by hop-based physical

Xanto produces pure Xanthohumol (over 98% HPLC) from common hop (Humulus Lupulus L.) by using a unique and innovative natural extraction method. The company has now launched a virtual token backed by a physical commodity, Xanthohumol.

Based in Poland, the biotech company Xanto is the largest manufacturer of natural bioactive molecules which are used for a variety of medicinal purposes. The company states that the rare commodity is extracted from the European hops only from Germany and Poland.

Xanto’s native token “Xan” is exciting the entire crypto ecosystem with its actual utility. The token was launched on 15th September and can be exchanged for the rare emerging commodity-Xanthohumol, which is a natural flavonoid extracted from hops.

Xanto is spearheaded by Tomasz Tokarski, under whose leadership the company has received several recognitions including MADE IN POLAND 2021 award “continuous development, promoting Polish products in the international arena and a significant impact on the shape of the national economy”.


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