BitPanda: newest billion-dollar cryptocurrency exchange enters Krakow

BitPanda is an Austrian cryptocurrency exchange that became worth a billion dollars in 2021 thanks to the latest funding round. For several months, the company has been developing its technology hub in Krakow, where it employs more programmers.

In March 2021, BitPanda announced it had raised $170 million in its latest funding round at a valuation of $1.2 billion. This gave her unicorn status – a company worth over a billion dollars – as Austria’s first startup.

“Currency does not matter, because we count everything in euro anyway, and then convert it to the equivalent of a given amount in zloty. In addition, more and more often work is remote and, consequently, its global market – which makes wages equal. So the costs remain the same. And I don’t think we could even talk about “cheap employees” in this case. If we were looking for employees at cost, we would probably go further east. So we definitely did not follow this aspect.”


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