BIK and Microsoft have signed a strategic cooperation agreement

The Credit Information Bureau (BIK) and Microsoft have signed a strategic agreement on building an ecosystem around modern financial services, joint activities in the area of ​​social responsibility, as well as a partnership within the BIK HUB technological sandbox.

First, the Credit Information Bureau in the Microsoft Azure cloud will implement the API Management platform for the development of services and business models. The cloud model provided by Microsoft will also ensure compliance of the introduced innovations with regulatory requirements and will allow for safe offering of services also outside the financial sector, it said.

“By joining the group of Innovators of the Polish Digital Valley, we recognize the importance of speed and technology in experimenting and developing new services. Thanks to the competences of BIK experts, we want to support the development of innovative solutions also outside the financial sector. We believe that we can effectively support Polish startups thanks to the launch of the innovative BIK HUB Program, the main element of which is a technological “sandbox” – said BIK president Dr. Mariusz Cholewa.

He added that the program is addressed to all interested entities who would like to use a single API access point to access data from various external sources, including selected BIK statistical data based on location.

“It is an opportunity to practically test your prototype solutions in a safe environment. The BIK Hub platform is a chance to verify the real needs and market reaction to the designed IT solution. The added value of participation in our sandbox is also the assessment of the business potential of the ideas submitted, as well as consultations of specialists at every stage of the tests, ”added the president.

As Microsoft points out, the implementation of the solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud model and the use of API Management will allow for free management of business services. This solution will also allow for the analysis of the potential of the collected statistical data. It gives the opportunity to create new, innovative models of BIK services, addressed to business partners from completely new market segments – startups or fintechs creating agile and modern services for users.

“Together, we have a chance to open the industry to completely new business models. BIK has great potential here and I think that thanks to this it will become one of the most innovative entities on the financial market, providing environments for fintechs and start-ups. Microsoft, in turn, will provide a secure Azure cloud environment that will enable the implementation of this project, ”said Paweł Jakubik, director of digital transformation in the cloud and member of the Microsoft management board in Poland.


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