Gaming company Big Cheese Studio raises 4.7 million pln for 3 new games

In the subscriptions for the shares of the game developer Big Cheese Studio, individual investors subscribed for more shares than were available in this tranche. The value of the game developer’s offer was PLN 27.9 million.

In the tranche of individual investors, the reduction amounted to 68.68%. Big Cheese Studio offered 30% of the entire offer for this tranche at PLN 35 per share.

This means that everyone who subscribed for 400 shares for PLN 35 with a value of PLN 14,000 will receive 125 shares with a total value of PLN 3,375. The remaining funds will be returned to brokerage accounts.

“We are very pleased with the IPO and the interest it aroused among investors. The high level of reduction confirms that the market appreciates our achievements so far and believes in the Studio’s development strategy” – says Łukasz Dębski, president of the management board of Big Cheese Studio.

So Big Cheese Studio placed all the shares of the new issue and raised the planned 4.7 million pln for the production of 3 original games and the expansion of the team.


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