Biedronka plans to expand the chain by approx. 130-150 stores net in 2023

Biedronka plans to expand its sales network by approx. 130-150 net outlets this year, as well as to remodel approx. 350 stores, the owner of the chain, Jeronimo Martins, announced.

“In order to be even closer to its customers and improve the shopping experience, Biedronka plans to add 130-150 net locations to its chain of stores and remodel approx. 350 stores, taking advantage of market opportunities” – we read in the release.

Biedronka ended 2022 with 145 more stores than in the previous year (157 openings and 12 closures), remodeling 367 stores and opening a new distribution center.

At the end of last year The Biedronka network consisted of 3,395 outlets. The total area of stores amounted to 2.37 million m2 at the end of last year. compared to 2.24 million m2 a year earlier.

The investment program of Jeronimo Martins last year consisted of for EUR 1,013 million, of which 48% (i.e. EUR 485 million) was allocated to Biedronka,


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