Biedronka donates 1.5 million pln to protect wolves and lynxes

The network will allocate all income from the sale of a book about endangered species of animals in Poland to save them. Biedronka declared that at least PLN 1.5 million will be allocated to the protection of six species: bison, lynx, wolf, porpoise, pygmy owl and eastern and western hedgehogs. – We can do a lot for this amount – says Dr. Andrzej Kepel, president of the board of the Polish Society for Nature Conservation “Salamandra”, which will coordinate the project. The first initiatives will start this year.

“Polish environmental organizations are prepared in terms of organization and human resources to implement many activities that effectively protect nature. The factor limiting these activities is the lack of funds, especially less and less national public funds allocated to the activities of Polish nature organizations. EU funds can be obtained, but most often they also require own contribution. That is why it is so important to involve partners from the so-called responsible business and natural persons who make donations or payments of 1 percent” – says Dr. Andrzej Kepel, the Newseria Biznes agency. – “Such a large amount that we receive from Biedronka allows us to carry out many different activities on such a scale that they can actually bring results noticeable for these species.”


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