Beyond plans to establish a network of edge data centers in the region

Beyond plans to create a network of smaller, local facilities in the region, the so-called edge data centers, Dawid Jakubowicz, president of Kulczyk Investments –’s investor, informed ISBtech.

“One of’s upcoming projects is to create a network of smaller, local facilities in the region, the so-called edge data centers that will be connected to the Poznań campus. This is a response to the increase in demand for real-time data transmission related to, among others, with the development of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and 5G,” said ISBtech Jakubowicz.

As he noted, the delay in access to data is becoming a critical factor for the operations of enterprises in many industries, e.g. in the financial sector, trade or companies specializing in data analysis.

“An edge data center is a solution for companies that need to maintain and process data close to the source of its generation. The company already has such a facility in the center of Poznań and further centers will be built based on these experiences,” added the president of Kulczyk Investments.

In parallel, Beyond is working on scaling Managed Services.

“We invest in people, develop the team, acquire experienced managers and technical experts who allow us to implement more demanding projects in the field of Professional Services. Looking at as a whole, we believe that it is on the way to becoming the IT partner of first choice for large European organizations,” said Jakubowicz.

Beyond claims that it manages the safest data center in CEE and the most energy-efficient facility in Poland, which is powered by 100% renewable energy. Beyond aims to be the most trusted provider of data processing services, managed services, cloud environments and infrastructure as a service in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


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