Benefit Systems hopes to sell several thousand MultiSport cards in Turkey by the end of the year

Benefit Systems from April this year. issues test cards to employers operating in Istanbul and expects to sell several thousand MultiSport cards on the Turkish market by the end of the year, informed Bartosz Józefiak, board member.
“In May, we signed the first contracts. Our analyzes show that if the situation on this market does not change significantly, we will sell several thousand MultiSport cards there by the end of the year. Parallel to the sales activities, our local company is also continuing to expand its partner network, in which we already have nearly 160 sports facilities, ”said Józefiak, quoted in the release.

Benefit System announced today that in June this year. the number of sports card holders offered by the group on the Polish market exceeded one million (ie 1,013.2 thousand), which means an increase by 171 thousand since the beginning of the year. In other markets where the MultiSport Program is available, the number of users increased to 357.8 thousand in June.

“We see good sales results in all foreign markets. The number of cards in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Croatia is already close to the level from before the outbreak of the pandemic. The Slovak market, where last year’s pandemic restrictions were the most restrictive, is recovering a little slower, ”pointed out Józefiak.

Benefit Systems capital group is a provider of solutions in the field of non-wage employee benefits in the field of, inter alia, sports, culture and entertainment cards (Cinema Program, MultiTeatr). Since April 2011, the company has been listed on the main floor of the WSE.


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