BeeIN signs a contract worth over 100 million with LEAPTON Energy and provides its customers with prices up to 10% lower for 2023 than in 2022

BeeIN, an international supplier of renewable energy solutions listed on the NewConnect market, signed a framework agreement on December 8 for the purchase of LEAPTON Solar photovoltaic panels. Thanks to the conclusion of the contract, from January 2023 BeeIN will increase its competitive advantages and, despite the growing inflation, will reduce the prices of technologically advanced PV panels.

The agreement guarantees the Polish company the continuity of deliveries of high-class products from the world leader in the market of solar panels and will allow the company to optimize transport costs.

– BeeIN's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality renewable energy solutions at attractive prices. The contract concluded by the company with the Japanese producer of renowned photovoltaic panels LEAPTON Solar is another important step in the development of the business and allows to further strengthen BeeIN's position on the market, which makes us very happy - says Michał Sochacki, President of the Management Board of BeeIN.

Recently, BeeIN published record results for the third quarter of 2022, which was the best in the company's history in terms of revenue and profit. Revenues recorded from July to September 2022 amounted to almost PLN 12 million and were higher by over PLN 4.5 million yoy. The company also significantly increased its net profit, which in the same period amounted to PLN 1.54 million this year compared to PLN 0.59 million last year. BeeIN S.A. also recorded an increase in margins and increased its net profitability yoy - in 2021 in the period from July to September it amounted to 10.34%, and in 2022 in the same period - 12.9%.

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