BeeIN concluded an agreement with Pagra for joint ESCO projects worth PLN 15 million

BeeIN – a provider of solutions from the renewable energy sector – has signed a contract with Pagra with an estimated value of PLN 15 million, the company said. The contract includes, among others supply of premium-class photovoltaic panels and joint management of projects in the ESCO model for representatives of local governments and business.
“Cooperation with BeeIN, which perceives market development and customer needs in a similar way, will allow us to provide services to an even better standard and increase the portfolio of implemented projects,” said the president of Pagra Kornel Dybul, quoted in the release.

The ESCO model makes it possible to increase energy efficiency without the need for clients to incur financial outlays.

“I am glad that by establishing cooperation with Pagra, we will achieve the synergy effect provided by the competitive advantages of BeeIN products valued on the market and high hopes placed by customers in the innovative ESCO model, which is gaining increased popularity in the era of economic slowdown” – commented the president of BeeIN, Michał Sochacki .

As part of the signed contract, BeeIN became a supplier of Japanese Leapton photovoltaic panels. These are premium class panels, included in the Tier 1 list according to Bloomberg’s classification, which includes photovoltaic producers appreciated for their quality guarantee and a stable market position, the company pointed out.

In addition to Leapton Solar’s products, the company will also supply Pagra with Dah Solar photovoltaic panels in the patented Full Screen technology.

The concluded agreement was preceded by the first transactions with a total value of PLN 1.5 million.

BeeIN is a supplier of solutions listed on NewConnect and a direct, certified representative of the world’s leading producers of renewable energy components.

Pagra implements photovoltaic projects for business and public utilities using ESCO financing.


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