Bayraktar TB-2 To Be Procured by Poland in Its Gryf UAV Programme?

Defence24 announced back in November that the analytical-conceptual phase of the Gryf tactical UAV procurement programme has been finalized at the Armament Inspectorate. Documents on that matter were to be sent to the Polish MoD. Later, unconfirmed rumors were made, regarding the talks between Poland, and the Turkish defence industry, regarding specifically the Bayraktar drones.

The implementation phase of the task pertaining to the acquisition of the tactical medium range UAVs known as GRYF is underway now. The proceedings pursued by the Armament Inspectorate shall be finalized by the conclusion of an agreement, on a date making it possible to accomplish the task in line with the planning documents remaining in force at the MoD. However, ultimately, defining that deadline would depend on the negotiation with the Contractors, covering all of the task implementation aspects, including further specification of the subject of the order.

It seems that the procurement may be an off-the-shelf one, with the urgent operational requirement and/or essential national security interest being used as a justification here. This shall not be a surprise, given the successful employment of those systems in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, or, earlier on – in Libya. In the latter case, the UAVs are considered to be the main factor that brought General Haftar’s Tripoli offensive to a halt. The drone is also said to have defeated the modern Russian Pantsir systems.

So far, the Bayraktar platforms have been procured by: Libya, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Morocco, and Ukraine.


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