Azoty Fosfory Group will invest about PLN 100 million in a sulfuric acid plant

Azoty Fosfory Group plans to modernize its sulfuric acid plant with a turbine for power generation, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 20,000 MgCO2/year. The cost of the investment is nearly PLN 100 million, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2027, the company said. At the same time, the Group commissioned a rotary dryer along with a new natural gas combustion chamber.

The main objective of the investment is to increase energy efficiency by using the company’s potential to generate electricity with waste heat. The project will also minimize the cost of repairs related to plant failures, and increase steam yield, which in turn will enable the company to move closer to its target of energy self-sufficiency by increasing its own energy production from the current approx. 4.5GWh/year to about 20GWh/year. Azoty Grupa Fosfory’s current demand in this regard is about 24GWh/year.

“As the Ministry of State Assets, we strongly support investments aimed at increasing the energy independence of key companies in the regions. The project with an estimated budget of PLN 100 million will be an important step on the road to energy independence for Azoty Fosfory Group, the Group’s Gdansk plants. I am convinced that the new investment – as well as other projects, such as the dryer just handed over with a budget of PLN 15 million – will significantly increase the competitiveness of Azoty Fosfory Group. I am convinced that also the plans for the development of phosphogypsum will have a positive impact on the development activities of our region.” – said Deputy Minister of State Assets Karol Rabenda, quoted in the announcement.

“Decarbonization and reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions are key tenets of the Green Azoty 2030 strategy. We are consistently implementing projects at individual Group companies to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. At the same time, we are focusing on investments that will increase our energy independence, and one such project is the modernization of the sulfuric acid plant with a turbine for power generation.” – Azoty Group Vice President Grzegorz Kądzielawski added.


“The research we are conducting at the Azoty Group shows, among other things, satisfactory results in the production of new fertilizer formulas containing phosphogypsum. We are also studying the possibility of converting phosphogypsum to fertilizer chalk and ammonium sulfate, which would allow further development of phosphogypsum.” – The Azoty Group vice chairman said.

The Azoty Group ranks second in the EU in the production of nitrogenous and compound fertilizers, and products such as melamine, caprolactam, polyamide, oxo alcohols, and titanium white also have a strong position in the chemical sector, finding applications in many industries. Its consolidated sales revenue reached PLN 24.66 billion in 2022.


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