Azerbaijani Trade Houses to be opened in Poland, Kazakhstan

Azerbaijani Trade Houses will be opened in Poland and Kazakhstan by the end of the year, the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry informed on September 7.

The opening of Trade Houses is one of the important activities carried out within the expansion of the export of Azerbaijani products and promotion of the ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand.

A regular meeting of the Exporters’ Club, which was held in Baku Business Center with the support of the Economy Ministry and organizational support of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), was devoted to the opening of Trade Houses in Poland and Kazakhstan.

It was noted at the meeting that Azerbaijani Trade Houses are already operating in Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine. They have a permanent exhibition of various types of products by Azerbaijani companies. These exhibitions present cognac, fruit juices, compotes, mineral water, vegetables, canned products, vegetable oils, tea, carpets, textiles, silk, cosmetic products, electrical equipment, and other products.

Zohrab Gadirov, the Executive Director of the Exporters’ Club, presented detailed information about trading houses that will open in Poland and Kazakhstan and urged entrepreneurs to be active in this field.

Azerbaijan has been actively promoting its brand in foreign countries in recent years. A wine house of Azerbaijan is expected to open in Shanghai, China.

Mineral waters, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, motor oils, tea and other products are among the products presented in trading houses under the ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand. Trading houses in foreign countries facilitate the export process, promote exports of competitive Azerbaijani production and enable the countries to expand trade operations.

For now, 92 trademarks of Azerbaijan are protected under the ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand, while the country’s total output nears 250 kinds of products in food, light, heavy and construction industries. The brand is highly successful in regional and world markets, as Azerbaijan’s local output meets all the necessary standards.



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