Axpo Polska does PPA contract with R.Power Group for PV energy purchase

Axpo Polska has signed a PPA agreement with the R.Power Group for the purchase of energy from photovoltaic farms with a capacity of approximately 300 MW, the companies said.

“The contract covers the receipt of energy from photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of nearly 300 MWp, which are currently being built all over Poland. The estimated capacity of individual power plants ranges from 0.3 MWp to 30 MWp. Their launch will be gradual and will last until mid-2023. The operator of O&M will be Nomad Electric Services, which will take care of farm productivity, maintenance and service.”

Axpo Polska will buy 100% of the energy generated by photovoltaic power plants in 2022-2026 and will act as a balancing entity. R. Power will also use price hedging instruments, which guarantees the possibility of receiving bank financing for these projects.

“The contract signed between Axpo and R.Power is one of the largest PPAs concluded on the Polish solar energy market and shows that Axpo maintains the role of a leading business partner for the renewable energy sector in the country. We will continue cooperation with the R.Power Group on other photovoltaic projects that will accelerate the Polish energy transformation “- commented Paweł Wierzbicki, member of the management board of Axpo Polska.


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