Avia Solar from the Unimot Group will use Huawei equipment in photovoltaic projects

Huawei Polska and Unimot Energia i Gaz – the company responsible for the Avia Solar brand in the Unimot Group – have established cooperation, thanks to which Huawei products will appear in the offer of Avia Solar photovoltaic projects in Poland. Under the agreement, Avia Solar wants to implement projects based on Huawei photovoltaic solutions with a capacity of at least 100 MW within the next 2 years.

Avia Solar will use Huawei equipment in its entire portfolio of projects – both in photovoltaic installations intended for companies and public facilities, as well as in large-scale photovoltaic farms. Avia Solar will be able to use string inverters as well as other technologically advanced Huawei products in the projects it is building, including transformer stations, SmartLogger communication modules and electricity storage, as well as future solutions combining PV technologies and fast chargers for electric cars using Huawei charging modules, are mentioned in the release.

“As Avia Solar, we want to offer our customers products of the best brands, so we are glad that our portfolio will be joined by inverters and other products of the world-renowned Huawei brand. It is a guarantee of high quality, which is part of our entire chain of comprehensive customer service – from the moment of establishing commercial contact, through quotation, and then support at every stage of the process and comprehensive after-sales service. (…) ”- said the president of Unimot Energia i Gaz, Piotr Laskowski, quoted in the material.

Huawei products will be compatible with all PV modules available in Avia Solar’s offer, incl. Polish photovoltaic modules produced in the PZL Sędziszów hall on the production line belonging to the Unimot Group, added.


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