Auto Partner: It is quite possible that exports will exceed 50% of sales in 2023

Auto Partner will open a maximum of “a few” branches in Poland this year, said Vice-President Piotr Janta. It also expects that export sales may exceed 50% of total revenues.

“In 2023, there will be a big slowdown in [branch] openings due to the fact that in the last two years there were basically 30 branches, so we are giving ourselves this year to stabilize these branches, get a break even. It will be a small few, at most,” Janta said during a press conference.

In 2022, Auto Partner opened 8 new branches in Poland and as a result their total number is 114.

“It is quite possible that there will be months when this export will exceed 50%, and in the whole year too,” he also said, when asked about the expected ratio of export and domestic sales in 2023.

Last year the group’s revenues in Poland increased by over 16% y/y to nearly PLN 1.43 billion (approx. 50.3% of total revenues). On the other hand, exports increased by 36.3% y/y, which made it possible to exceed the PLN 1.4 billion limit for the first time in history (approx. 49.7% of total revenues).

Janta also informed that if the company “continues to grow so high”, in the case of the MaXgear own brand, the goal is to maintain a 20-22% share in total sales.

The Auto Partner Group is an importer and distributor of parts for passenger cars and vans. Works with suppliers of spare parts in the area of so-called aftermarket as well as OEM suppliers worldwide. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2016. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 2.83 billion in 2022.


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