Auchan will add postal services in bid to keep stores open on Sundays

At the end of September, Auchan Retail Polska will introduce courier and postal services in its stores. On Friday, the Sejm passed amendments to the trade ban aimed at tightening it. The main change is that in order to operate as a post office on Sundays, it must be documented that this is the predominant activity.

However, it will still be some time before the law is on the president’s desk. In addition, it provides for a three-month vacatio legis. During this time, more stores intend to use the wicket in regulations. Aldi recently announced this. Auchan will also provide postal services.

“As part of the new amenities, customers of Auchan stores will be able to send or collect parcels during the opening hours of stores offering this type of service. A detailed list of such outlets will soon appear on the chain’s website” – said Dorota Patejko, Auchan spokeswoman.

“The introduction of courier and postal services, as another convenience in the set of services offered by the network, will allow for more effective use of customers’ time devoted to shopping and increase their comfort” – reads the release.


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