Atrem hopes to at least maintain the pace of revenue growth y / y in 2022

Atrem is counting on an increase in the number of projects related to the country’s energy security, as well as wind energy, and therefore counts on at least maintaining last year’s revenue growth rate in 2022, which amounted to 14.6% y / y, President Andrzej Goławski informed ISBnews .

“The attempt to cut off from Russian gas will have certain consequences in the Polish energy mix, and the climate policy will also have such an effect. As a result of projects related to, for example, renewable energy or the construction of new energy sources, there will be more, which will result in the need to expand the Polish distribution network and energy transmission network, “said Goławski in an interview with ISBnews.

“We work in a sector where mass employment of foreign workers is usually not possible. In particular, it is about contracts related to the country’s energy security or projects related to military infrastructure. We carry out a number of works with our own resources. We are therefore a strongly Polish company. Although our subcontractors on other types of projects, where there are no such restrictions, often use employees from Ukraine ”- explained the president.

Atrem operates in the automation and power industry, and carries out contracts in the field of renewable energy sources. In 2019, the company was acquired by the Immobile Capital Group. Atrem debuted on the WSE in 2008.


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