Profits slashed at Atende

Atende recorded PLN 1.32 million of consolidated net profit in Q4 2021 against PLN 34.79 million of profit a year earlier, the company said.

The operating profit amounted to PLN 1.87 million compared to PLN 47.35 million profit a year earlier. The EBITDA profit amounted to PLN 4.32 million compared to PLN 50.64 million a year earlier.

Consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 76.66 million in Q4 2021 compared to PLN 111.84 million a year earlier.

“In 2021, the Atende Group achieved weaker results than the year before. The operating activities in the reporting period were influenced by two external factors that affected the parent company, Atende. The main factor that adversely affected the results was the loss of industrial safety certificates by Atende. As a result, the company received debit notes and contractual penalties from Centrum Zasobów Cyber ​​Przestrzenie Wojrojnych (CZC) and failed to realize the margin on contracts concluded with CZC. This resulted in a decrease in the operating result in 2021 by a total of PLN 7.9 million. This amount does not include the lost profits resulting from the inability to participate in tenders where certificates were required, ”we read in the management's report.

On a standalone basis, the net loss in 2021 was PLN 4.1 million, compared to PLN 50.42 million in profit a year earlier.

Atende provides ICT solutions for companies and institutions. He specializes in three areas: ICT networks and security, high-performance computing systems and ICT infrastructure, especially for data centers.

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