Bank Pekao rapidly digests Idea Bank systems

Bank Pekao S.A. supported by the Asseco Poland team, successfully carried out the fastest integration of universal commercial banks on the Polish market. The institution needed only 10 months to prepare to transfer the data of former Idea Bank S.A. clients. to the operating systems of Bank Pekao, which ended during the migration weekend on November 19-22. Since then, Idea Bank clients can use the full infrastructure and offer of Pekao. The role of Asseco was to create tools that automate the migration and transformation of data, integrated with the proprietary application supporting the coordination of the work of the migration team and consolidated reporting on the progress, completeness and quality of migration.

It was the first bank integration to be carried out from start to finish during the pandemic, which required the development of a hybrid approach to the work. The teams involved in the project worked remotely and were dispersed all over Poland. Preparations for data migration, under the responsibility of Asseco, lasted 7 months. Considering the breadth of Idea Bank’s migrated IT architecture, including nearly 200 IT systems, and the team’s ambition to automate the process as much as possible, the project schedule was a unique challenge. Moreover, integration was an unusual project due to the logistics of the migration weekend itself. During the course of 26 hours, over 400 people flawlessly completed several thousand tasks precisely arranged in one correct sequence.

“Since the migration weekend, we have been fully functioning as one bank, and the clients of the former Idea Bank use the Pekao infrastructure and systems in full. This was the last step in the merger process. Ok. 220 thousand corporate clients and approx. 50 thousand. individuals of the former Idea Bank, gained access to products and services, including those that were not available in the old Idea. We appreciate the cooperation with Asseco, whose support, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the remote work mode, contributed to the fastest integration of financial institutions in the Polish banking sector. A successful merger” – explains Jacek Trzynski, Integration Project Leader, Bank Pekao.


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