Games producer Asmodev debuts on NewConnect

The Warsaw Stock Exchange adopted a resolution to set the first trading day for Asmodev on Monday, December 6, 2021.

Asmodev is a game producer specializing in dark and shocking productions. The studio is known primarily for the game Priest Simulator, the free episode of which was called Heavy Duty in October, and was very well received by the players.

“Indeed, Heavy Duty’s ratings are exceptionally high. I am honored to be able to work with persistent people who agree to make strange games, and glad that people like these games. However, we are delaying the opening of champagne until the premiere of the full version of Priesta, ”says the president, Michał Jodłowiec.

Asmodev also creates contract productions. Currently, he is developing three games for Gaming Factory: Mercyful Flames, Booze Master and Human Farm. The company will also work on another two commissioned games, i.e. Pope Simulator and I am Your Principal.


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