GamingCo Asmodev debuted on NewConnect

Asmodev, a producer of games with an original dark-romantic theme, made his debut on NewConnect. A total of 4,400,000 ordinary shares were introduced to trading. Blue Oak Advisory supported the process of introducing Asmodev to the group of public companies. Currently, the studio is working on its flagship project Priest Simulator, the free episode of which was very well received by players.

“The debut is associated with increasing the recognition and transparency of Asmodev. Even so, our plan doesn’t change, it’s still about making weird games. But thanks to the stock exchange, investors will be able to see their potential” – says Michał Jodłowiec, CEO of Asmodev.

Asmodev is currently working on its flagship title, Priest Simulator. In the game, the player will be able to play the role of the most privileged person in the entire village – a priest. His tasks will include carrying out exorcisms, administering the sacraments, and persecuting heretics. In the game world, we visit cursed houses, destroy equipment, and use the materials obtained to create items that allow you to renovate the temple.


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