ASB’s first 10 years in Poland: more than 300 companies as clients.

This September ASB has been celebrating its 10 years anniversary in Poland. It was a great honour and pleasure to have an opportunity to celebrate this special occasion together with our Clients, Partners and Employees. Because of this important event, we have organised an Anniversary Party in Villa Foksal. Our history shows that professionalism, tailor-made services and individual approach are the key to successful business model.

ASB is a professional outsourcing provider of high-standard services in the areas of accounting, tax advisory, payroll, and corporate services. We provide outsourced accounting and payroll services for international and local businesses. We often utilise our modern bookkeeping IT solutions, but we are also known for keeping books in our clients’ accounting software. We understand that tax law and accounting consist of many interlinked acts and decrees. In order to safeguard the interests of our clients, our advice takes account of different potential consequences. Also, we have supported many significant transactions in our region, both on the buy and the sell side. Our transaction advisory professionals advised on real estate transactions, acquisitions of local companies by their competitors and cross-border investments in local businesses. We have helped hundreds of international companies to set-up their businesses.

ASB has been established in Poland in 2008 and for the first few months it operated with 2 professionals serving 3 clients (institutional real estate investment funds). Very soon it came out that we need more professionals, as we are gaining more and more business opportunities. The trend continued in the following years and based on highly qualified experts and our experience with existing clients, we were able to grow our business significantly. After 10 years of our business in Poland we employ over 80 professionals and our client portfolio includes over 300 companies.

 The Polish office is headed by Przemek Oleksy, whose professional experience spans over 17 years in the fields of finance, accounting and auditing of local subsidiaries of international corporations. Prior to joining ASB, Przemek became qualified Chartered Accountant with KPMG and worked in KPMG’s offices in Poland and New Zealand. He is also a senior member of ACCA. In his role Przemek oversees all client service lines, working closely with international clients to assist them with their business in many aspects including financial reporting, payroll and cash management.

ASB Poland is a part of the ASB Group which has been established in Prague, Czech Republic in 2002. Currently the Group operates in 4 offices in CEE region i.e. in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest and employs over 180 professionals.

Our comprehensive range of services has always been very attractive for international investors locating their businesses in the Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, ASB focused all efforts on providing services for such clients. Our focus on large multinational companies enabled us to tailor our services and our approach to clients towards their specific needs, especially in relation to financial reporting and corporate services.

Because of our 10 years Anniversary we would like to thank our Clients for many years of partnership, cooperation and their trust. We look forward to continuing to provide them with exceptional service. Also, we would like to thank our Partners, for invaluable and active support in our business growth. The last but not the least we would like to express our profound gratitude to all our professionals, because their commitment, hard work, initiatives and enthusiasm let us create such an exceptional company as ASB in Poland.


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