Asbis is optimistic abpout 2022

Asbis is optimistic about the outlook for results in 2022: all subsidiaries of the group that have presented their forecasts so far expect increases, Management Board Member Costas Tziamalis told PAP Biznes. The distributor assures that he is well prepared in the event of a possible escalation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

"So far, we have approved the budgets of 11 subsidiaries: all of them forecast increases, and it is worth mentioning that it is in the best interest of the authorities of these companies to provide conservative forecasts, because board bonuses depend on their fulfillment and exceeding," risk and investor relations.

"Were it not for the situation in Ukraine - where the worst possible solution is still on the table, on which everyone will lose - I would say that we are very sure of ours this year. Personally, I am very optimistic about 2022, both when looking at the forecasts of subsidiaries and the attitude of the management boards of these companies "- he added.

Tziamalis is pleased with the group's performance in January.

"Despite the fact that January last year was very good (revenues amounted to USD 231 million - PAP Biznes), and despite the uncertainty that we feel around us, I am positive about January this year. We think that this year's January will equal or exceed sales the same month a year ago, which was very high, "he said.

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