Leothon EcoTech for Cities boosts AI for trash

Air and water pollution, efficient use of resources and communication are the most serious problems of modern metropolises. Can we help them? The World Earth Day, which was April 22, is a great opportunity to show the solutions of the participants of the 3rd edition of Leothon, who prove that the use of technology allows you to build ecological cities of the future.

The theme of this year’s Leothon edition was the slogan “EcoTechnology for Cities”. It is both a concept of better water and waste management as well as air quality. Developed solutions thanks to the use of, among others artificial intelligence help to increase the innovation of cities. Leothon was held on March 29-30, and nearly a hundred participants signed up. For 27 hours, 12 teams worked on creating a solution using the latest technologies. Each team obtained the approval of the project vision with the partner city.

The challenge undertaken by the Nature Users team was the inconsistency in the data on the actual amount of collected waste and the declarations of residents in Krakow. More specifically, losses related to the collection and recycling of municipal waste. The team wants to confront the discrepancies with existing databases. They plan to implement their idea thanks to Machine Learning and Big-Data.

Konin is struggling with the problem of maintaining proper communication with residents. Its absence hampers cooperation for environmental protection. The JEEP team shows that thanks to modern technology, it is possible to educate and effectively increase environmental awareness. How? Their municipal GIPP application aims to create effective channels of communication between citizens and government officials.

In their opinion, the application will enable faster visits to the office, the introduction by Konin of discounts on the use of culture or public transport. GIPP will allow officials to be closer to citizens, thus increasing their involvement in the fight for an ecological city.

The challenge reported in the hackathon by Zgierz is bad air quality. The city’s goal is to effectively report the number of heating devices in homes. In the fight for clean air, the Hello World Developers team wants to use an application that allows you to collect data from external sources.

A prize of PLN 10,000 has been prepared for the winning teams. If the teams implement their projects in the above-mentioned cities, they will additionally receive an award of PLN 20,000.


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