Apis starts selling meads in Portugal

The Polish mead producer is getting support from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in Lisbon, the Agency said.

“Portugal is a very demanding and competitive market in the alcoholic beverages segment – it offers a wide range of domestic beverages. At the same time, this market is very promising: the Portuguese drink the most wine in the world on an annual basis (over 62 liters per capita in 2019), various types of liqueurs and liqueurs are also very popular. Polish meads can therefore be positively received on this market and begin to be perceived in the minds of the Portuguese as a traditional Polish product. (…) ”said the head of the PAIH office in Lisbon, Dariusz Duda.

As part of the cooperation, the local distributor’s offer includes various types of Polish liquor, including: Traditional Old Polish, Spicy, Raging Bee or honey with an Ecological Certificate, the Agency said.

“We are glad that the unique character of Polish meads and their exceptional taste have been noticed and appreciated on the demanding Portuguese market. The presence of Apis mead in Portugal is the result of the active activities of the PAIH office in Lisbon under the leadership of Mr. Dariusz Duda, aimed at associating business partners from Poland and Portugal, as well as support and involvement in the coordination process at every stage of the cooperation project. (…), ”said Renata Janik, the head of the Apis Export Department.

The European Commission has registered meads as a traditional Polish high-quality product, produced according to an old Polish recipe. “Old Polish Traditional” was awarded the mark “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed”, as stated in the material.


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