Apator: The company may be interesting in termes of mergers or strategic partnership

Apator may participate in the merger or acquire a strategic partner in the perspective of the strategy until 2025, informed president Arkadiusz Chmielewski.
"Apator may be interesting in terms of mergers or strategic partnership" - Chmielewski told journalists during the Investor Day of the company in the new Apator Powogaz factory in Jaryszki near Poznań.

Earlier, during the speech, the president emphasized that an investor or partner who would give it access to new products or markets would be the best for the company.

"We are giving a signal to the market rather than scanning the market," he said.

He told journalists that Apator, like other companies on the market, is of interest to potential partners.

According to his words, the company itself can also make an acquisition, but it will not be large.

During the speech, the president also said that the results of Apator in Q3 and Q4 this year. will show the level that should be the "new benchmark".

“We are optimists. From that [time] on, it should be better, "Chmielewski told journalists when asked about the company's prospects for Q3 and Q4 2022.
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