Anwim tests vending machines at Moya express stations

Anwim has launched a pilot to expand sales at Moya express self-service stations to include non-fuel products, the company said. The vending machine was tested at the station in Rumia, and if the tests are successful, it is planned to extend the project to 14 more Moya express stations.

The facility in Rumia has been equipped with a vending cabinet, thanks to which customers can obtain non-fuel products. The device consists of two segments. The first module allows you to purchase food and hygiene products, such as jelly beans, bars, water, juices, Moya Energi energy drink, chewing gums, masks or virucidal liquid, as well as several variants of coffee or hot chocolate. The second module is a Moya washer fluid vending machine, it was reported.

“From now on, at the Moya express point in Rumia, customers can also buy food products, including hot drinks. But that’s not all, because we have installed a washer fluid distributor that can be used to pour washer fluid directly into the car’s tank. It is not only a practical solution, but also an ecological one, because we eliminate expensive and difficult to recycle containers ”- said Agata Stanicka, deputy operational director at Anwim, quoted in the release.


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