Anwim installing PV panels at Moya feul stations across Poland

So far, they have been installed at two stations: in Różyniec and Sosnowiec, but the company is analyzing the possibility of their installation in 24 more locations, said Anwim’s board member Filip Puchalski.

“We currently have photovoltaic panels at two Anwim stations – in Różyniec and Sosnowiec. It is a solution that we will certainly include in our business – we are examining the possibility of installing photovoltaic panels in another 24 locations. We assume that the installation of photovoltaic panels or the use of other renewable energy sources will be a good practice and investment in newly opened and already existing facilities in the Moya network, ”said Puchalski in an interview with ISBnews.

He also noted that there are already several franchise stations in the Moya network that use this solution.

Installations of photovoltaic modules on the roofs and sheds of petrol stations are selected on the basis of data on electricity consumption in facilities and technical conditions. The capacities of individual photovoltaic systems have been selected taking into account the auto consumption ratio of 60% and the technical capabilities of individual facilities.


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