Pesa sells 17 Twist trams to Romanian city of Craiova

The purchase of the rolling stock is part of an EU-funded public transport modernization project implemented by the city authorities.

“For me and the administration I manage, the issue of public transport development is one of the key tasks that we implement based on a coherent, elaborated strategy of urban mobility. In recent years, residents have already felt favorable changes in transport, and thanks to the contract that has just been signed, they will be able to travel by modern, comfortable trams “- says Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the Mayor of Craiova.

Pesa proposed a new generation of Twist trams to the city, which are designed as the starting point for an entire family of vehicles with the working name The modularity of this structure will allow, depending on the client’s expectations, not only to freely develop the interior, but also to equip the trams with modern systems tailored to local technical conditions and needs. Pesa Twist Craiova are one-way trams, 27m long, with 58 seats and space for the disabled, equipped with diagnostic systems, air conditioning, Wi Fi and USB sockets.


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