Billionaires position for power as Poland’s coal industry decline opens opportunities for nuclear power plants.

Not only due to the liquidation of coal power plants, but also changes in the automotive industry, we will need huge investments in energy production. Sebastian Kulczyk’s flagship company Ciech, signed a letter of intent on Wednesday with Michał Sołowow’s flagship company Synthos. Recently, Zygmunt Solorz joined forces with Sołowowo in the topic of nuclear power plants.

Ciech and Synthos Green Energy signed a letter of intent on establishing cooperation in the use by companies from the Ciech group of energy from small (SMR) and micro-modular (MMR) nuclear reactors – Ciech announced in a press release.

The letter of intent provides for the establishment of long-term cooperation in the field of determining “the characteristics of energy supply needs for companies using SMR and MMR technologies, developing an energy supply model, determining the possibilities and conditions for the construction of SMR (small nuclear power plants – ed.) And MMR (micromodule) installations. nuclear power plants – ed.) on the premises of the companies and establishing the boundary terms of the contract for the supply of energy to the companies “.

Signing the letter is to enable Ciech to conduct a thorough analysis of the use of SMR and MMR technologies in the companies.


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