Electric car factory instead of a forest: President signs a special act

President Andrzej Duda signed a special act last week, providing for the acquisition of forest land for investments in Jaworzno and Stalowa Wola. The amendment to the regulations is to allow for the conversion of land, among others for investments in the field of energy.

The act, signed on Saturday by President Andrzej Duda, and passed on July 13 in the Sejm, provides that within two years from the entry into force of the new regulations, it will be possible to replace the land belonging to the State Forests in Jaworzno and Stalowa Wola with other real estate owned by the State Treasury, where it will be possible to conduct forest management. The replacement would be subject to a total of over 1200 ha of land, including 238 ha in Jaworzno and 996 ha in Stalowa Wola – a total of 80 plots in both cities.

On plots of land acquired from the State Forests in Jaworzno, a Polish electric car factory, Izera, would be built. In the case of the land in Stalowa Wola, the representatives of the government during parliamentary work did not indicate which investments are concerned, only informing that two foreign investors are interested in the land.


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