Amazon Web Services made quantum computing available at Military University of Technology

The Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Team of the Cybernetics Department of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw have started research projects using Amazon Braket – quantum computing services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud, AWS reported.
“Polish scientists will create, test and conduct experiments on simulators of quantum computing. Quantum computers are systems that operate based on quantum physics. Contrary to ordinary computers that operate on bits, which can take the value ‘0’ or ‘1’, the basis of the operation of quantum computers are qubits (i.e. quantum bits) taking the so-called a superposition where ‘0 ′ and’ 1 ′ occur at the same time. It is widely believed that these systems will be able to solve problems that cannot be dealt with by traditional computers, ‘the release reads.

AWS supports researchers who wish to leverage cloud-hosted services, software and tools through the AWS Cloud Credit for Research program. Credit support also includes quantum computing and scientists wishing to use state-of-the-art quantum equipment and simulators. Two research groups in Poland have recently received loans under the AWS Cloud Credit for Research program, it also said.

“The first credits went to the team at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Quantin Research Group prof. Michał Oszmaniec deals with both theoretical and applied aspects of quantum computing and pursues a number of scientific goals in the field of characterization and error mitigation in short-term quantum computers. Research will focus on computationally efficient methods to test and mitigate the effects of noise and crosstalk during the measurement process in superconducting qubits. Measurement noise is one of the major sources of error in quantum devices today. Improving the quality of measurements plays an important role in the practical applications of quantum computers, ‘we read further.

Another team at the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, headed by Dr. Krzysztof Kanciak, deals with the application of quantum computers to cryptographic security of common ciphers. They use AWS CCR credits to implement Grover’s algorithm-based approach to finding a secret key on quantum hardware accessible through Amazon Braket.


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