Altimetrik Opens New Office in Poland to Support Growth in Europe

-Altimetrik, a leading digital business enablement company, today announced the opening of a new office in Wrocław, Poland to meet customer demand and support expansion in Europe.
“Establishing this kind of presence as a technology hub in Poland was a strategic decision that will service our growing client needs,” says Raj Sundaresan, Altimetrik’s CEO. “Our emphasis on digital business, innovation, product and data engineering are a perfect match for the strong Polish technology sector and its proximity to both established talent pools and centers of business.”

Indeed, Poland’s technology market has proven to grow at a stable rate of 5-10% annually. Poland is also a top nearshoring destination with some 15,000 new software engineers graduating every year. That includes some of the brightest in the world, with Poland ranking No. 3 globally, according to Top Coder.

This should give Altimetrik the human capital needed to grow a significant DevSecOps practice as the market becomes less reactive and more security-focused in earlier stages of app development. There is opportunity for Altimetrik to develop tailored solutions that support end-to-end implementation and client education on threats and mitigations.

“We maintain Altimetrik’s incredibly high bar for recruitment requirements,” says Jarek Wawro, Altimetrik’s Head of Engineering and Poland Technology Center. “We are seeing substantial interest from our U.S.-based clients in expanding operations to Eastern Europe. Our Poland team is able to help them better tackle challenges with EU compliance, security, business, IP, copyright, and all other aspects required to ensure business success. This important work should help lay the foundation to attract new clientele native to the region.”

Altimetrik’s Wrocław office employs 60 and looks to expand the company’s focus into Data Science and Machine Learning, as Poland’s talent market is mature and nimble enough to meet the increasing need for data analytics and inference. There is ample experience in mature technologies and frameworks, as well as in data-specific solutions and niche languages that can provide new opportunities for customers.

With the Poland office joining the company’s existing global footprint across the U.S., India, Uruguay, Japan, Canada, Altimetrik is even better positioned to meet the growing needs of our clients’ digital business priorities.

“We’re anticipating the same kind of growth our company has experienced across the board,” says Sundaresan. “By the end of 2021, our goal is to surpass 250 employees in our Wrocław office and start to become recognized as one of the best technology employers in Poland.”

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