Alsendo has acquired a majority stake in the Romanian company Innoship

Alsenso - backed by private equity fund Abris Capital Partners - has acquired a majority stake in Romanian Innoship, Alsenso reported. The announced acquisition of Innoship is accelerating Alsendo's transformation from a courier logistics operator to a SaaS and high technology business.
The acquisition of Innoship followed the earlier purchase of a majority stake by Alsendo in the platform, which is an intermediary in the delivery of courier deliveries to individual and corporate customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“The acquisition of Innoship will allow us to provide advanced shipping solutions to a larger group of customers, supporting their business efficiency in the area of ​​logistics and after-sales processes. Our offer of shipping services is based on unique technologies, offering a wide range of tools for companies from the e-commerce sector ”- said CFO at Alsendo, Aleksandra Zawadzka quoted in the release.

The partnership enables synergy of activities between Alsendo and Innoship - consolidation of the offers of both companies, exchange of technological solutions, acceleration of the development of SaaS solutions in Poland and expansion of Alsendo's operations to the Romanian market.

“At Innoship, our goal has always been to create the best product for our customers to enable them to better manage their logistics, accelerate growth and add new value to end customers in today's rapidly changing world. We are very excited about the partnership with Alsendo, ”added Innoship founder Daniel Nicolae.
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