Alphamoon obtained PLN 10 million for the development of AI-based tools

Alphamoon raised PLN 10 million to develop AI-based tools for automating document processing in companies, the release said.

“All businesses that reach a certain scale struggle with a large number of documents that they have to process. Automation saves time and eliminates bottlenecks that block the work of entire teams. At Alphamoon, we focus on technology that not only recognizes text, classifies documents and extracts key information from them, but also provides tools that allow you to effectively include a business user in this process, giving maximum synergy between humans and artificial intelligence “- said CTO Alphamoon. Dr. Adam Gonczarek quoted in the release.

In total, the company obtained PLN 10 million, including PLN 4 million in the seed round, led by the Sunfish Partners fund, with the participation of Satus Starter, and PLN 6 million in grants from DIP and NCBR. The obtained funds will allow to increase the scale of sales and further development of the platform and technology. Alphamoon plans to offer tools to automate all processes related to document and text processing, from OCR, classification and data extraction, to building knowledge bases and automatic document generation, it is also stated.

Alphamoon is a Polish startup that automates document processing in enterprises using artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms. Among other things, the system enables easy extraction of text and key information from documents such as bills, invoices and contracts. The founders of Alphamoon are Adam Gonczarek, Paweł Świątek and Norbert Raus.


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