Allegro’s profits surge from 104 million pln to 269 million pln; will hire another 1,500 people

Sales revenues increased by more than 60 percent. annually and amounted to PLN 1.21 billion. On the other hand, the value of products sold (GMV) on the Allegro platform amounted to PLN 9.6 billion, which means an increase by 46%. compared to the same quarter last year.

The latest results of the e-commere giant turned out to be much higher than expected. Not only the number of buyers increased, but also the average expenditure per buyer. The company plans to increase employment by 1,500 this year.
In the first quarter, Allegro recorded over PLN 269 million in net profit versus PLN 104 million in profit in the same quarter last year.

At the end of the first quarter, the number of active buyers exceeded 13.2 million, which means an increase by 13%. Every year. On the other hand, the average annual expenditure per buyer increased to almost PLN 2,880, i.e. by less than 40 percent. Allegro also recorded a double-digit increase in the number of sellers, including foreign ones, as well as the number of offers.

Allegro, which employed 300 people in the first quarter, plans to increase employment by a total of 1,500 employees throughout 2021.

Allegro plans to test the Allegro Fulfillment logistics service, as well as launch its first own parcel machines in the third quarter of this year, Allegro financial director informed ISBnews. He maintained that both projects were to be launched commercially by the end of this year.


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