Allegro partners with Shell and Stokrotka for parcel machines, as E-commerce growth continues

Contract with Shell and Stokrotka and new parcel machines in eight large cities. Allegro is developing its own One Box network, which is to allow the e-commerce giant to become independent from InPost, which is dominant on the market. However, the development of the Allegro network can be easily overlooked, because the One Box machines not only have masking paint, but are also hidden behind vegetation.

Allegro informs that One Box machines have been launched in Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Kraków and Katowice. The mere presence of these devices in these cities can hardly be considered a great success, when InPost has several hundred parcel lockers in them. However, this is to change and at the end of 2022 Allegro is to have 3,000 vending machines all over Poland.

To accelerate the development of its parcel equipment network (the name “parcel locker” is reserved by InPost), Allegro has signed contracts with the Shell petrol station network and the Stokrotka grocery chain. The e-commerce website emphasizes the ecological nature of its devices, which is symbolized by their graphic design resembling masking military facilities and planted plants – wherever possible.

“We see positive reactions from customers and a dynamically growing number of organizations and individuals who want to join our project of developing a responsible network of parcel machines” – says Jacek Powałka, responsible for the development of the One by Allegro product. “This confirms our belief that One Box by Allegro is a response to the real needs of consumers and ambitious cities” – he adds.


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