Allegro has launched a shopping platform in the Czech Republic

Allegro has launched the Czech version of its shopping platform –, which currently has nearly 100 million active offers, the company announced. The company has introduced a number of solutions facilitating international business for Polish sellers – from the offer Sending from Allegro and Smart! for deliveries to the Czech Republic, after One Fulfillment by Allegro, which will handle orders from Czech buyers.

“The Czech Republic is a very promising market not only for us as a marketplace, but also for our partners. This is an opportunity for them to reach a new group of buyers and develop their business on a completely new scale. I am proud that, as Allegro, we provide entrepreneurs with solutions that enable them to go abroad with their offer. And that, as the numbers show today, we do it effectively: on the first day of the platform’s operation in the Czech Republic, we have about 100 million offers active there. This confirms not only the great interest in exports from Allegro, but also the attractiveness of the international sales tools we offer,” said Alvise Favara, chief commercial officer at Allegro, quoted in the release.

The new platform works on the principle of “list once, sell everywhere”. This means that the seller registered on does not have to register in the new domain – he will do everything from the well-known sales management panel, it was explained.

Allegro declares that it will help in translating offers, converting prices and building demand on the local market. The company also provides a ready-made logistics offer as part of “Sending with Allegro”, giving the possibility of deliveries carried out by well-known carriers DHL, DPD and Packeta.

Starting with the new platform, the company has prepared a number of additional solutions for sellers registered on The company offers them the One Fulfillment by Allegro service, which will comprehensively fulfill orders to the Czech Republic. Allegro has also introduced the Allegro Smart! for deliveries from Poland to the Czech Republic and international returns.

“After the acquisition of the MALL Group and WE|DO, the launch of Allegro in the Czech Republic is another step in the company’s international expansion and Allegro’s ambitions to become the leading e-commerce platform in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the estimates of the company’s experts, the local customer base of the company’s companies in this part of Europe gives Allegro and its partners an advantage of up to several years in building a position on the new market.

Allegro is the number 1 trading platform in Poland. Sales are carried out mainly by companies via the marketplace e-commerce platform. Since October 2016, Allegro has been owned by the Cinven, Permira and Mid Europa funds. The company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in October 2020. It is included in the WIG20 index.


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