Allegro finalizes the acquasition of Mall Group and WE|DO CZ for EUR 881 million has closed the acquisition of Mall Group shares and WE | DO CZ shares, which were transferred to sp.z o.o. - Polish subsidiary, for a total amount of EUR 881 million, was announced in the announcement.

“Allegro Group paid a total of EUR 881 million (approx. PLN 4.1 billion) for 100% shares in Mall Group and WE | DO. This included the following transactions:

* Mall Group was acquired for EUR 867 million. 53% of the amount was financed with cash and new debt for a total amount of EUR 459.5 million (approximately PLN 2,137 million), and the remaining 47%, i.e. EUR 407.5 million (PLN 1,883.7 million), was financed through an issue of 33, 6 million shares worth PLN 55.98 per share (approx. EUR 12.11 per share).

* bought EC | DO for EUR 14 million (approx. PLN 65.1 million) in cash, ”reads the release.

“The group continues its European expansion. Not so long ago, Allegro made its platform available to customers and sellers from all over the European Union, providing them with the highest-class shopping convenience. Today, together with the Mall Group and WE | DO, we are finalizing a transaction that will strengthen the position of the enlarged group as a platform of first choice throughout Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, ”said Allegro president François Nuyts, quoted in the release.

Allegro is the number 1 trading platform in Poland. Sales are mainly carried out by companies via the e-commerce platform The value of products sold (GMV) on the group's platform accounted for approx. 3% of the retail market in Poland in 2019. Since October 2016, Allegro belongs to the funds of Cinven, Permira and Mid Europa. The company made its debut on the WSE in October 2020.

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