Allegro Biznes is counting on the development of deferred payments, it is not afraid of competition

Allegro Biznes counts on further rapid development of the deferred payments segment (buy now, pay later), especially in the period when the importance of cash-flow management is growing; Currently, the option of such a payment is available for over 180 million out of 215 million offers in the Allegro B2B segment, the head of Allegro Biznes, Piotr Truszkowski, informed ISBnews. At the same time, he emphasized that the increase in competition in this market is not surprising as it is the fastest growing area of ​​finance.

“We are glad that we were pioneers in this market. We see others begin to duplicate it. The scheme of buy now, pay later in the conditions we have today - i.e. increased costs and economic slowdown, when special attention is paid to cash flow, is developing dynamically. At the moment, the deferred payments market is the fastest growing area of ​​finance. It is a very good tool to be used in a corporate environment, ”said Truszkowski in an interview with ISBnews.

“We appreciate the competition, because thanks to it the scale of value for the customer may increase, as we improve the quality of the solutions used. If we see that several players are doing the same thing, the competition works for the benefit of the client, but also for our benefit, because then we have to look for an escape forward, think about how to make our product even better "- he also declared.

Recently, the introduction of deferred payments has been announced, among others in PKO Bank Polski and in BLIK.

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