Alfa Laval secures ballast water system deal for Polish and Swiss operators

Alfa Laval has signed fleet agreements with both a Polish and Swiss operator for the supply of its third-generation ballast water treatment technology.

Under the agreements, Alfa Laval will provide dozens of vessels with PureBallast 3 systems to Polsteam and Nova Ship Tech SA.

“Leading actors like Polsteam and Nova Ship Tech SA are now pursuing ballast water treatment system retrofits in earnest,” said Anders Lindmark, Head of Alfa Laval PureBallast.

“In light of recent directives from authorities, they are keen to secure not just the right technology, but also a stable partner who will be there to support them in the long term.”

Complete fleet solutions

Mr Lindmark added that the agreements with Polsteam and Nova Ship Tech SA come as many ship owners shift their focus from individual ballast water treatment systems to complete fleet solutions.

“Over the past year, clarifications of the ballast water management legislation have made it easier – and more important – to maintain a wider, more long-term perspective,” he said.

Polsteam’s fleet agreement expands upon a previous investment in PureBallast 3 systems that the company made in mid-2017. The new orders will bring Polstream’s total ownership up to 60 systems in all.

All systems will handle large flows of at least 1000 m3/h, with 16 systems handling 2000 m3/h or more.

For Nova Ship Tech SA, whose fleet agreement covers ballast water treatment systems for 34 vessels

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