Airway Medix will obtain up to EUR 2 million for the development and commercialization of projects

Airway Medix has signed two investment agreements: with CoOpera Finanzierungen Deutschland and Kröner Medizintechnik and a Swiss advisory and investment group, the company announced. The partners plan to invest up to EUR 2 million in the company, thanks to which the company will be able to continue the commercialization process of its innovative medical products. Additionally, the partners will be operationally involved in the commercialization of products on the EU and US markets, as well as, through local exclusive partners, on the markets of Asia and South America.

“We are impressed with the development of Airway Medix projects so far. We believe that they have high market potential, which, combined with our experience in the distribution of medical equipment, will result in the quick introduction of these products to sale,” said Peter Kröner, president of Kröner Medizintechnik, quoted in the release.

The new partners have many years of experience in the medical industry, both in the area of developing innovative products, introducing new products to the market, building sales structures, and financing purchases by clinical entities. Pursuant to the signed agreements, CoOpera Finanzierungen Deutschland GmbH and the Swiss advisory and investment group agreed to acquire new shares of the company in exchange for the existing cash contribution, and their intention is to continue the investment up to a total amount of EUR 2 million. In addition, Kröner Medizintechnik will be operationally and strategically involved in the development of Airway Medix, including: taking over the production processes and commercialization of medical solutions developed by the company.

“Our efforts to continuously sustain the development of R&D projects and the debt restructuring negotiations have had a double effect. Today, we have a safe financial situation and we have acquired new strategic and financial partners who, dedicating experienced teams, will engage in operational activities,” added Anna Aranowska-Bablok, member of the management board of Airway Medix.

In connection with the negotiations, the partners granted the company PLN 900,000. euro loans, thanks to which the company could complete negotiations with Discount Bank and start business talks with many clinical and distribution partners from around the world, it was emphasized.

“We are pleased to formally start cooperation with Airway Medix. We know the company’s projects well thanks to the due diligence process and cooperation with Adiuvo Investments S.A. We have a common plan for their further development and commercialization. Of course, we also see a huge potential for an increase in the company’s valuation, which in our opinion is significantly underestimated,” said a representative of CoOpera.

CoOpera Finanzierungen Deutschland owns 6.22% of Adiuvo Investment shares.

Airway Medix from the Adiuvo Investments capital group, focuses on research and development work and commercialization of innovative devices for single use in mechanically ventilated patients in intensive care units (ICU), as well as in life-threatening patients and in anesthetic departments. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since December 2014.


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