Campiri: Airbnb for motorhomes makes its debut in Poland

Caravanning in Poland breaks records of popularity during the pandemic. Even one in three Poles thinks buying a motorhome is an excellent investment. Sales and rental of motorhomes and caravans are growing. In recent months, many new rentals have also been created, but the domestic market is fragmented (many small rentals) and not very digitized – it is difficult to rent a motorhome over the Internet, and the rental process is long and complicated.

Campiri wants to change this situation. The internet platform will connect motorhome owners with customers and allow them to earn money on renting. You can apply now, the vehicles will be delivered to the first tenants in spring 2022. – We are like Airbnb for motorhomes – says co-founder and president of Campiri Lukas Janousek, who had already successfully introduced the fintech Twisto to Poland.

“Interest in caravanning in Poland is constantly growing. Many people have dreamed of buying a motorhome, but for most of us, high cost is a barrier. On the other hand, renters find it difficult to find a suitable vehicle and its insurance, as well as a long waiting time for collection. Campiri solves these problems by connecting motorhome owners (also individual owners) with people who want to rent them. Thanks to this, the purchase of a motorhome for its owner can be an investment that will quickly pay off. On the other hand, landlords receive a transparent offer and a large selection for every budget” – says Katarzyna Jedlińska.

Campiri is an internet platform that allows you to rent a motorhome “on the spot”. Individual owners and rentals that are interested in cooperation can apply to it now. In spring 2022, motorhomes will be lent to the first customers.


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