Ailleron’s Saudi deal in 60 hotels shows hotel recovery in process

Ailleron has entered into an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Bould Group hotel chain to use iLumio in 60 hotels in Saudi Arabia. The contract concerns the implementation of the iLumio mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms, and the iLumio CMS system intended for hotel service, the company said. The contract value exceeds 10% of the annual revenues of the hotel part of the company.

“The hotel industry is evolving under pandemic constraints and is opening up to innovation. Remote solutions, minimizing the need for direct contacts, increasingly attract the attention of the management of large hotel chains. iLumio is a solution that perfectly fits this trend, as evidenced by the contract that is record-breaking in terms of value for the HotelTech segment. We see a revival on the hotel market and openness in trade talks, which bodes well for the next quarters, ”said Dawid Ślusarczyk, general manager of iLumio at Ailleron, quoted in the press release.

The signed agreement will allow the company to increase revenues in the HotelTech segment from the Middle East region. The implementation of the mobile application is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021. According to the agreement, support services cover a period of 3 years. The contract value exceeds 10% of the annual revenues of the HotelTech segment according to Ailleron’s consolidated financial statements for 2020. Thus, it is a record-breaking contract in the history of HotelTech, emphasized.


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