Agra Ventures exports first medical Cannabis extracts to Germany

Agra Ventures Ltd., a growth-oriented and diversified company focused on the international cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Farmako GmbH, has conducted the first commercial import of cannabis extracts from Poland to Germany, which is the largest medical cannabis market in Europe. The extracts have been produced according to the highest standards by Pharmacann Polska Sp. z o.o., an EU GMP-certified cannabis company and part of PHCANN International.

Launched under Farmako’s brand, the extracts are produced by PHCANN International’s subsidiaries from selected hybrid cannabis flowers grown under GACP – EU GMP indoor conditions. The cannabis is grown completely without the use of pesticides and is extracted according to highest industry standards under strict quality control at the EU GMP facility. With the launch of the extracts, Farmako strengthens its position as supplier with a comprehensive portfolio in the medical cannabis market – from flowers, extracts and isolate to testkits for pharmacies.

The overall German medical cannabis market is currently characterized by a considerable number of wholesalers and manufacturers that offer all kinds of flower products – often the same products under different names – which can be confusing for doctors and patients. Extracts offer a solution with their standardized cannabinoid concentrations and enable a controlled and constant medication for patients. Still, the medical cannabis extracts market is small and its growth has been impeded by high prices, which historically has discouraged patients, doctors and insurance companies from using them. Farmako wants to change this by providing its products at affordable prices to further establish extracts as acknowledged cannabis medication.

“With PHCANN International we want to work on products at highly competitive prices that are patient-focused and help make extracts an essential part of an affordable medical cannabis therapy – not only for self-payers or private patients, but for all patients,” said Katrin Eckmans, Managing Director of Farmako GmbH.


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