AGP will start selling 3D filament with graphene

Advanced Graphene Products (AGP) will start selling 3D filament with graphene in the first quarter of 2022, said Maciej Gałązka, president. As a result, it expects solid revenues and profitability in the next year.

“The first contracts for the sale of our product – 3D filament with graphene – Prografen – are expected in the coming weeks. We want our graphene to be used as widely as possible in the industry. The scale that we can achieve allows us to think about solid revenues from 2022, which can therefore be clearly profitable “- said ISBtech Gałązka.

He added that the company is talking to many companies about cooperation and expects to be able to inform about the progress in the near future.

“We are in talks with distributors and companies interested in using our graphene in their products. Our goal is both the European and the American market, ”added the president.

Currently, the maximum capacity of the AGP production line for filament with graphene is 100 tons per year.


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