Agora: advertising market to recover 8-11% in 2021

Agora estimates that the advertising market in Poland will grow by 8-11% y / y in 2021. The traditional press will be the only segment in which the value of ad spend will shrink throughout 2021.

In 2021, according to the company’s estimates, advertisers will increase spending on the promotion of their goods and services by about 8-11% compared to 2020. This is the result of the fact that the rebuilding of the advertising market value began in the first quarter of 2021. and in the second one it accelerated significantly thanks to the unfreezing of other sectors of the economy.

In the company’s opinion, the only market segment where the value of advertising spending will shrink throughout 2021 will be traditional press. This decrease may amount to 9-12% compared to 2020. In cinemas, due to the longer than expected closure of cultural facilities, the growth dynamics will be lower than the company expected and will amount to 6-9%. Based on the available market data, Agora decided to keep the estimates of the increase in the value of TV advertising spending unchanged (5-8%). The dynamic increase in the value of expenses will take place in the outdoor advertising segment – it may reach 15-18%. On the internet, advertising spending will increase by 9-12% and on radio by 8-11%, it was mentioned.


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