After the first round of financing, Forigi acquired over a dozen clients of content management services

LegalTech Forigi has successfully completed its first round of financing and acquired over a dozen clients, the company said. Funds from investors will be allocated to the development of a technological platform for managing content on the web. The main goal of Forigi is to further scale the business and develop the aforementioned platform.

“Forigi was founded to help companies and individuals manage their reputation and protect their digital privacy. Freedom of speech cannot mean consent to hate speech, posting untrue information and opinions, defamation, violation of personal rights or property rights. Our main goal is to minimize the damage as soon as possible and achieve the expected effect, i.e. the removal of illegal content. It is worth emphasizing that we solve cases without court proceedings within a few hours of notification. Our actions do not preclude court proceedings and obtaining compensation or compensation, but they certainly minimize the damage to the image of the injured party,” said Magdalena Maruszczak, founder and president of Forigi, quoted in the release.

Since January 2023, Forigi has been actively scaling the business. During this period, the company acquired over 10 clients from various industries – new technologies, gaming, construction, IT, pharmacy and real estate. The development of the technology platform was financed by investors who help improve the offer and sale of services on an ongoing basis. Forigi’s technology platform enables personalized customer service, real-time monitoring and immediate action.

Forigi directly contacts the websites where unlawful content appears, and, based on the regulations and relevant legal provisions, initiates the process of removing them. The material obtained in this way can be used as evidence in future court proceedings. The client does not bear the financial risk of cooperation, because the company settles its services based on remuneration for success.

Forigi is LegalTech specialized in removing illegal content. The company, based on the technological platform, can monitor in real time and take the necessary actions aimed at removing illegal content as soon as possible.


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