E-commerce startup lands $30 million from UK and German funds

The Polish business was backed by the London-based Kennet Partners fund and the Munich-based Digital + Partners. These are the startup’s first external investors.

eStoreMedia, operating in the IT and e-commerce industry, will pursue its foreign expansion as a SaaS (Software as a Service) software provider, focused on optimizing e-commerce sales.

Now eStoreMedia, the creator of the eStoreCheck software that maximizes online sales of consumer brands, wants to develop the proprietary Digital Shelf Automation technology and boost sales in USA, Asia and South America.

The software helps to increase online sales and analyze the presence of given brands in online stores and on marketplaces (such as Amazon or Allegro). For this, it uses artificial intelligence and analysis based on machine learning algorithms (the tool gives e-sales companies knowledge about how their products are presented by online stores and what needs to be done to maximize their sales).

EStoreMedia will not disclose who are its customers, but indicates that they include companies from the “Fortune 500” list. He claims that he is already implementing his projects in over 50 countries around the world. Bartosz Kiełbinski, the founder of eStoreMedia, has the ambition to create a universal platform (Digital Shelf Automation) that will change the way of cooperation between brand owners and stores selling them online. – We can create tools that will really change the rules of the game in e-commerce – he argues.


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